13 - Actual Hidden Lands


Thy rowers have brought thee into great waters: the south wind has broken thee in the heart of the sea.

Many powerful kingdoms were on Islands that were entirely destroyed, for instance, Ezekiel 26 refers to an empire named SOR that didn't dwelt in the continent coast as did the Tyrus of Palestine, but refers to an empire in midst of the sea:

She shall be in the midst of the sea a place for repairing nets: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord: and it shall be a spoil for the nations
12 And he shall prey upon thy power, and plunder thy substance, and shall cast down thy walls, and break down thy pleasant houses: and he shall cast thy stones and thy timber and thy dust into the midst of thy sea.
15 For thus saith the Lord Theos to Sor; Shall not the isles shake at the sound of thy fall, while the wounded are groaning, while they have drawn a sword in the midst of thee?

SOR is clearly mentioned among of the nations of the sea, not among the nations of the coasts:

16 And all the princes of the nations of the sea shall come down from their thrones, and shall take off their {1} crowns from their heads, and shall take off their embroidered raiment: they shall be utterly amazed; they shall sit upon the ground, and fear their own destruction, and shall groan over thee. {1) Lit. mitres} (16)
17 And they shall take up a lamentation for thee, and shall say to thee, How art thou destroyed from out of the sea, the renowned city, {1} that brought her terror upon all {2} her inhabitants. {1) Alex. +’which was strong in the sea, she and her inhabitants’ 2) Or, perhaps, her traders}
18 And the isles shall be alarmed at the day of thy fall.

The land of that great empire is under great waters and in the depths of the earth

20 and great waters shall cover thee; and I shall bring thee down to them that go down to the pit, to the people of old time, and shall cause thee to dwell in the depths of the earth, as in everlasting desolation, with them that go down to the pit, that thou mayest not be inhabited, nor stand upon the land of life

Certainly this description doesn't refers to the land of Tyre near Palestine, but to a land that was in the heart of the sea:

27:4 In the heart of the sea thy sons have put beauty upon thee for Beelim
25 Ships were thy merchants, in abundance, with thy trading population: and thou wast filled and very heavily loaded in the heart of the sea.
27:26 Thy rowers have brought thee into great waters: the south wind has broken thee in the heart of the sea.

So great was this power and island that. Theos dedicated 21+ 36 passages to it. This big power perished in the heart of the sea:

27 Thy forces, and thy gain, and that of thy traders, and thy rowers, and thy pilots, and thy counselors, and they that traffic with thee, and all thy warriors that are in thee: and all thy company in the midst of thee shall perish in the heart of the sea, in the day of thy fall.

This big island and empire was destroyed completely

36 Merchants from the nations have hissed at thee; thou art utterly destroyed, and shalt not be any more for ever.

Even though this island resembles the Atlantida of Solon, certainly the Atlantida of Solon was very much older, Solon heard of Atlantis around the year 600 B.C, almost the same time when the Lord was giving the command to Ezekiel. The singular word SEA seems to refers to the great sea. Certainly in the past many distant cities in different nations had the same names, for instance, the Aram of Genesis 10:22 is not the same that the Aram of Genesis 22:21, the thing gets worst when the names are changed to other languages, for instance, Aram was called Syria by the Greeks.


Einstein and his disciples say that the motion of the earth doesn't produce an (aether) wind.

In the Mathematical Model the East Wind should depart from the line of Meridian 0 and the West Wind should due the same, but in the real earth the East Wind comes from a further place that people doesn't know, while the West Wind comes just from the very far opposite side

It is against nature to think that the East and the West come from a common place. My father, the father of my father, and so all of ancient people were sure that the West is just in the opposite side of the East, the Holy Spirit is also sure of that:

Psalm 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

Those who have been in the mathematical north pole knows that the North Wind comes from beyond the mathematical north pole, the same happens with the South Winds which comes from beyond the mathematical south pole. The Book of Revelation mentions those far places:

Revelation 7:1 And after these things I saw four angels standing upon the four corners - gonian - of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that no might blow wind on the earth nor on the sea, nor upon any tree

These corners are joined to the four corners of heaven:

Jeremias 49:36 (25:36) And I will bring upon Aelam the four winds from the four ends - akrwn - of heaven, and I will disperse them toward all these winds; and there shall be no nation to which they shall not come — even the outcasts of Aelam.
Matthew 24:31 And he shall send his angels with a trumpet of great sound, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the ends - akrwn - of heavens to the ends - akrwn - of them
Mark 13:27 And then he will send his angels, and will gather together his elect from the four winds, from the extremity - akrou - of earth to the extremety - akrou - of heaven


Certainly Iesous know the extremes of the earth:

Psalms 2:8 Ask of me, and I will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the ends of the earth for thy possession.
Isaias 40:28 And now, hast thou not known? hast thou not heard? the eternal Theos, the Theos that formed the ends of the earth, shall not hunger, nor be weary, and there is no searching of his understanding.
Psalms 59:13 (58:13) And for their cursing and falsehood shall utter destruction be denounced: they shall fall by the wrath of utter destruction, and shall not be; so shall they know that the Theos of Jacob is Lord of the ends of the earth. Pause.
Psalms 72:8 (71:8) And he shall have dominion from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth.
Psalms 95:4 (94:4) For the ends of the earth are in his hands; and the heights of the mountains are his.
Jeremias 10:13 and set abundance of waters in the sky, and brought up clouds from the ends of the earth; he made lightnings for the rain, and brought forth light out of his treasures.

When the faithful witness referred to the queen that visited Solomon he didn't call her the queen of Sheba but A Queen of the South and made clear that that south is IN THE ENDS OF THE EARTH or its south border.

Certainly Psalm 65:5 refers to the Islands (and "continents") within the Pacific Ocean.

Psalms 65:5 Thou art wonderful in righteousness. Hearken to us, O Theos our Saviour; the hope of all the ends of the earth, and of them that are on the sea afar off:

We don't know the substance that join the ends of the earth with the ends of the heaven (it ceilings)

Iesous divided the earth and scattered the sons of Noe over the face of the whole earth:

Genesis 11:7 Come, and having gone down let us there confound their tongue, that they may not understand each the voice of his neighbour. And the Lord scattered them thence over the face of all the earth, and they left off building the city and the tower. On this account its name was called Confusion, because there the Lord confounded the languages of all the earth, and thence the Lord scattered them upon the face of all the earth.

'hence' here means that first the language was divided and then - not simultaneously - Iesous placed ('scattered') Japhet and his sons first:

1 Now these are the generations of the sons of Noe, Sem, Cham, Japheth; and sons were born to them after the flood.
2 The sons of Japheth, Gamer, and Magog, and Madoi, and Jovan, and Elisa, and Thobel, and Mosoch, and Thiras.
3 And the sons of Gamer, Aschanaz, and Riphath, and Thorgama.
4 And the sons of Jovan, Elisa, and Tharseis, Cetians, Rhodians.
5 From these were the islands of the Gentiles divided in their land, each according to his tongue, in their tribes and in their nations.

The sages of the Lxx told us that the ancient meaning of Thobel is 'Whole World' and Mosoc is 'Adjacent Coasts':

Ezekiel 27:13 Greece, both {1} the whole world, and the adjacent coasts, these traded with thee in the {2} persons of men, and they gave as thy merchandise vessels of brass. {1) lbwt ‘Tubal’ read for lbt ‘world’ 2) See Re 18}

These Islands of the Gentiles comprehend the further islands in the great sea, because by reason of his name Japhet had to be expanded:

27 May Theos make room for Japheth, and let him dwell in the habitations of Sem, and let Chanaan be his servant.

The sons of Japhet are in the four corners of the earth

The house of Thorgama is in the extreme north

Ezekiel 38:6 Gomer, and all belonging to him; the house of Thorgama, from the end of the north, and all belonging to him; and many nations with thee.

Gog is in the extreme north of the earth:

38:14 Therefore prophesy, son of man, and say to Gog, Thus saith the Lord; Wilt thou not arise in that day, when my people Israel are dwelling securely, and come out of thy place from the farthest north, and many nations with thee? all of them mounted on horses, a great gathering, and a large force?
39:1 And thou, son of man, prophesy against Gog, and say, Thus saith the Lord; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, Rhos prince of Mesoch and Thobel: and I will assemble thee, and guide thee, and raise thee up on the extremity of the north, and I will bring thee up upon the mountains of Israel.
38:2 Son of man, set thy face against Gog, and the land of Magog, Rhos, prince of Mesoch and Thobel, and prophesy against him,
3 and say to him, Thus saith the Lord Theos; Behold, I am against thee, {1} Rhos prince of Mesoch and Thobel: {1) Or, chief prince; Alex. Gog and the prince of Rhos, etc.}
4 and I will gather thee, and all thine host, horses and horsemen, all wearing breast-plates, with a great multitude, shields and helmets and swords:
5 Persians, and Ethiopians, and Libyans; all with helmets and shields.
39:1 And thou, son of man, prophesy against Gog, and say, Thus saith the Lord; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, Rhos prince of Mesoch and Thobel:
2 and I will assemble thee, and guide thee, and raise thee up on the extremity of the north, and I will bring thee up upon the mountains of Israel.
6 And I will send a fire upon Gog, and the islands shall be securely inhabited: and they shall know that I am the Lord.

The men of that extreme north are giants (giganton in Ezekiel 39:18)

39:18 Ye shall eat the flesh of {1} mighty men, and ye shall drink the blood of princes of the earth, rams, and calves and goats, and they are all fatted calves. {1) Lit. giants}

Some mariners have reported of these giganton:

The immense craft paused, and almost immediately a boat was lowered and six men of gigantic stature rowed to our little fishing-sloop. They spoke to us in a strange language. We knew from their manner, however, that they were not unfriendly. They talked a great deal among themselves, and one of them laughed immoderately, as though in finding us a queer discovery had been made. One of them spied our compass, and it seemed to interest them more than any other part of our sloop.
.... Both men and women seemed to possess that particular case of manner which we deem a sign of good breeding, and, notwithstanding their huge statures, there was nothing about them suggesting awkwardness. As I was a lad in only my nineteenth year, I was doubtless looked upon as a true Tom Thumb. My father's six feet three did not lift the top of his head above the waist line of these people.
... Strange as it may seem, neither my father nor myself felt the least bit of solicitude for our safety. "We have come into our own," my father said to me. "This is the fulfillment of the tradition told me by my father and my father's father, and still back for many generations of our race. This is, absurdly, the land beyond the North Wind."
... We early learned that these strange people were worshipers of this great cloud of night. It was "The Smoky Theos" of the "Inner World."

Of course that this Smoky Theos of the Inner World is SATAN, which after the 1.000 years of peace will lead them to destroy Jerusalem and the holies of Iesous, this is described in Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39 and Revelation 20.

A careful reading of Daniel 11 shows clearly that the king of the north and the king of the south are not Syria nor Egypt

3 An there shall rise up a mighty king, and he shall be lord of a great empire, and shall do according to his will. And when his kingdom shall stand up, it shall be broken, and shall be divided to the four winds of heaven; but not to his {1} posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled over: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, and given to others beside these. {1) Lit. latter end; See Ps 37:37, 38}

'the four winds of heaven' refers to the four extreme of the earth (see Mark 13;27), for that reason it is used the term 'the king of the south' (wind) and 'the king of the north' (wind)

5 And the king of the south shall be strong; and one of their princes shall prevail against him, and shall obtain a great dominion.
6 And after his years they shall associate; and the daughter of the king of the south shall come to the king of the north, to make agreements with him: but she shall not retain power of arm; neither shall his seed stand: and she shall be delivered up, and they that brought her, and the maiden, and he that strengthened her in these times.

The 'flower of her root' (not the king of the south) shall enter and prevail against the north:

7 But out of the flower of her root there shall arise one {1}on his {2} place, and shall come against the host, and shall enter into the strongholds of the king of the north, and shall fight against them, and prevail. {1) Alex. +epi 2) Or, standing; Lit. preparation}

'the flower of her root' will go to Egypt and shall last longer that the king of the north:

8 Yea, he shall carry with a body of captives into Egypt their theos with their molten images, and all their precious vessels of silver and gold; and he shall last longer than the king of the north.

The following passage clearly indicates that the kingdom of the king of the south is not Egypt:

9 And he shall enter into the kingdom of the king of the south, and shall return to his own land.
10 And his sons shall gather a multitude among many: and one shall certainly come, and overflow, and pass through, and he shall rest, and collect his strength.

The king of the south appears again and defeats the multitude of the king of the north:

11 And the king of the south shall be greatly enraged, and shall come forth, and shall war with the king of the north: and he shall raise a great multitude; but the multitude shall be delivered into his hand.
12 And he shall take the multitude, and his heart shall be exalted; and he shall cast down {1} many thousands; but he shall not prevail. {1) Gr. myriads}

Beside the king of the north many other armies will attack the king of the south

13 For the king of the north shall return, and bring a multitude greater than the former, and at the end of the times of years an invading army shall come with a great force, and with much substance.
14 And in those times many shall rise up against the king of the south; and the children of the {1} spoilers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; and they shall fail. {1) Lit. pests}
15 And the king of the north shall come in, and cast up a mound, and take strong cities: and the arms of the king of the south shall {1} withstand, and his chosen ones shall rise up, but there shall be no strength to stand. {1) Gr. stand; Alex. not stand}
17 And he shall set his face to come in with the force of his whole kingdom, and shall {1} cause everything to prosper with him: and he shall give him the daughter of women to corrupt her: but she shall not continue, neither be on his side. {1) Or, do all things that seemed right with him}
18 And he shall turn his face to the islands, and shall take many, and cause princes to cease from their reproach: nevertheless his own reproach shall return to him.
19 Then he shall turn back his face to the strength of his own land: but he shall become weak, and fall, and not be found.
20 And there shall arise out of his root one that shall cause a plant of the kingdom to pass over his place, earning kingly glory: and yet in those days shall he be broken, yet not {1} openly, nor in war. {1) Lit. in faces}

From here on appears the anticristos

21 One shall stand on his place, who has been set a nought, and they have not put upon him the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in prosperously, and obtain the kingdom by deceitful ways.
22 And the arms of him that overflows shall be washed away as with a flood from before him, and shall be broken, and so shall be the head of the covenant.
23 And because of the leagues made with him he shall work deceit: and he shall come up, and overpower them with a small nation.
24 And he shall enter with prosperity, and that into fertile districts; and he shall do what his fathers and his fathers’ fathers have not done; he shall scatter among them plunder, and spoils, and wealth; and he shall devise plans against Egypt, even for a time.

The anticristos shall attack the king of the south

25 And his strength and his heart shall be stirred up against the king of the south with a great force; and the king of the south shall engage in war with a great and very strong force; but his forces shall not stand, for they shall devise plans against him:
26 and they shall eat his provisions, and shall crush him, and he shall carry away armies as with a flood, and many shall fall down slain.
27 And as for both the kings, their hearts are set upon mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table; but it shall not prosper; for yet the end is for a fixed time.
28 And he shall return to his land with much substance; and his heart shall be against the holy covenant; and he shall perform great deeds, and return to his own land.
29 At the set time he shall return, and shall come into the south, but the last expedition shall not be as the first.
30 For the Citians issuing forth shall come against him, and he shall be brought low, and shall return, and shall be incensed against the holy covenant: and he shall do thus, and shall return, and have intelligence with them that have forsaken the holy covenant.

According to Iesous -Matthew 24 - the abomination that desolates - the anticristos - will be putted in the holy place

31 And {1} seeds shall spring up out of him, and they shall profane the sanctuary of strength, and they shall remove the perpetual sacrifice, and make the abomination desolate. {1) See verse 6}
32 And the transgressors shall bring about a covenant by deceitful ways: but a people knowing their Theos shall prevail, and do valiantly.
33 And the intelligent of the people shall understand much: yet they shall {1} fall by the sword, and by flame, and by captivity, and by spoil of many days. {1) Gr. be weak}
34 And when they are weak they shall be helped with a little help: but many shall attach themselves to them with treachery.
35 And some of them that understand shall fall, to try them as with fire, and to test them, and that they may be manifested at the time of the end, for the matter is yet for a set time.
36 And he shall do according to his will, and the king shall {1} exalt and magnify himself against every theos, and shall speak great swelling words, and shall prosper until the indignation shall be accomplished: for {2} it is coming to an end. {1) Gr. be exalted and magnified 2) Or, it is to be ended}
37 And he shall not regard any theos of his fathers, nor the {1} desire of women, neither shall he regard any deity: for he shall magnify himself above all. {1) Alex. epiyumian}
38 And he shall honour the theos of {1} forces on his place: and a theos whom his fathers knew not he shall honour with gold, and silver, and precious stones, and desirable things. {1) Gr. Maozim}
39 And he shall do thus in the strong places of refuge with a strange theos, and shall increase his glory: and he shall subject many to them, and shall distribute the land in gifts.
40 And at the end of the time he shall conflict with the king of the south: and the king of the north shall {1} come against him with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and they shall enter into the land: and he shall break in pieces, and pass on: {1) Gr. be gathered against him}
41 and he shall enter into the land of {1} beauty, and many shall fail: but these shall escape out of his hand, Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon. {1) The Gr. Sabaim, is the Heb. slightly altered}
42 And he shall stretch forth his hand over the land; and the land of Egypt shall not {1} escape. {1) Lit. be for deliverance}
43 And he shall have the mastery over the secret treasures of gold and silver, and over all the desirable possessions of Egypt, and of the Libyans and Ethiopians in their strongholds.
44 But rumors and anxieties out of the east and from the north shall trouble him; and he shall come with great wrath to destroy many.
45 And he shall pitch the tabernacle of {1} his palace between the seas in the holy mountain of beauty: but he shall come to his portion, and there is none to deliver him. {1) Heb. word}


Certainly, from Genesis to Revelation is mentioned a single very great flat sea, its borders are the light and the darkness, in which is the flat world (Job 38:18)

Job 11:7 Wilt thou find out the traces of the Lord? or hast thou come to the end of that which the Almighty has made? Heaven is high; and what wilt thou do? and there are deeper things than those in hell; what dost thou know? Or longer than the measure of the earth, or the breadth of the sea.
Job 26:10 He has encompassed the face of the water by an appointed ordinance, until the end of light and darkness
Genesis 1:4 And Theos saw the light that it was good, and Theos divided between the light and the darkness

Job 37:3 His dominion is under the whole heaven, and his light is at the extremities of the earth.
Job 38:18 And hast thou been instructed in the breadth of the whole earth under heaven? tell me now, what is the extent of it?
Job 38:19 And in what kind of a land does the light dwell? and of what kind is the place of darkness?
Revelation 10:1,2 And I saw another angel strong coming down out of heaven, clothed with a cloud and a rainbow on the head and his face as the sun and his feet as pillars of fire, and he had in his hand a little book open and he placed his foot right upon the sea, and the left upon the earth...
Job 38:8 And I shut up the sea with gates, when it rushed out, coming forth out its mother’s womb.
Job 38:16 Or hast thou gone to the source of the sea, and walked in the tracks of the deep?
Psalms 65:5 Thou art wonderful in righteousness. Hearken to us, O Theos our Saviour; the hope of all the ends of the earth, and of them that are on the sea afar off:
Psalms 95:5 For the sea is his, and he made it: and is hands formed the dry land.
Psalms 104:25 So is this great and wide sea: there are things creeping innumerable, small animals and great.
Psalms 139:9 If I should spread my wings to fly {1} straight forward, and sojourn at the extremity of the sea, it would be vain, {1) Alex. kat oryron, toward the dawn}
Isaias 18:2 {1} He sends messengers by the sea, and paper letters on the water: for swift messengers shall go to a lofty nation, and to a strange and harsh people. Who is beyond it? a nation not looked for, and trodden down. {1) Gr. He that sends}

Most of these knowledges were known to the ancient people but direct experience and other because they could read ancient books before they were destroyed by the commands of the evil high priests who had to write a new history:


4. Classicism as also any form of study of ancient history, in which there are more bad than good examples, we shall replace with the study of the program of the future. We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable to us, and leave only those which depict all the errors of the government of the GOYIM.... (The protocols of the learned elders of Zion)